about us

Kami Harris & Danielle Dion met years ago and bonded over faith and style. Their friendship evolved from acquaintances to a deep sense of camaraderie. Both women had a strong desire to work toward their passion and over time the idea of a clothing & accessory boutique was born.

After successfully running a brick-and-mortar business of over five years, they began to feel limited within the four walls of the store.  The two were looking for more to offer their audience.  They had the desire to expand into a wider range of products and services.  The creation of their online experience encompasses clothing, home & lifestyle. 

In 2023, Kami and Danielle passed the torch to the second generation of best-friend-business owners, Jenna and Kristin. The pair are dedicated to helping women feel more inspired in their day-to-day through style.

A spirit of mutual trust in this endeavor is the meaning behind their name. Their hope is to help others feel inspired in their daily lives.