Morning Essentials

Morning Essentials
Are you starting your day right?
It is easy to wake up and grab a bowl of cereal or a donut, but it will leave you feeling hungry and tired just a short time after. The best way to start your day is with vitamins, water, + protein. These are my tried-and-true ways to start the day off on a great foot. They are more filling than they seem, and there is something great about knowing you have given your body what it needs to fuel the day ahead. I love to add collagen to my coffee, too. It is tasteless and provides support for joints, skin, hair & nails.
If I had to narrow down my everyday essentials, these would surely be on the list. Here are some everyday items I could never live without from Amazon.
This water bottle is perfect for everyday hydration. The straw makes it easy to take a swig and the slim shape fits in a car cup holder easily while still holding lots of H2O. The sleek design is an absolute winner. I'm partial to the beige neutral color. 
My favorite coffee mug hands down is this one. Its simple, modern design not only looks beautiful but it is functional, too. It keeps your beverage warm for up to 90 minutes and has a personalized tempaerature setting. 
Coffee. What more can I say? I sampled this brand years ago and haven't looked back. We buy these pods in bulk so there's never a question of running out. The quality and taste is superb. 
Each morning I add a scoop of this collagen to my coffee. It is tasteless and dissolves easily. I don't even notice it in my joe. The 60,000+ five star ratings sold me!
Hands down this protein powder is the best way to get those daily grams. It tastes really yummy (chocolate peanut butter is my favorite), and it has the cleanest ingredients. Two scoops in some ice water or almond milk and my day is off to a great start. 
These greens are amazingly good for you. They're packed with vitamins and minerals to fill in the gaps of your daily nutrition. I like mixing it with my protein powder, but you can drink it on its own. I've even found that I crave the flavor now!


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